Harmony Gardens Dalkeith

Music Garlic and Fresh Vegetables


Glengarry Music variety, acclimated to Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec soils.  Very large cloves.  4-5 per bulb, juicy and piquant.  For daily use, winter storage or for planting your own patch - we think theses are the Best!

Winter Squash

Butternut Squash the tan one Butternut Squash the green skinned one and Delicata the yellow striped one.  Available for winter storage. $5/kg

Tomatoes and Peppers

 We care for our tomatoes by letting them climb on trellises. Cucumbers and Delicatas too.  Try our fresh green beans or Winter Squash for a flavour treat.

Honey Garlic, Pesto, Dills and Salsa

Delicious and medicinal honey garlic, kale, basil pestos, delicious dill or beet pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi and jarred salso are some of the tasty preparations we offer made from our garden produce.

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Music Garlic $12/pound; $26/kg


Winter Squash $5./kg


Kale Celery and Swiss Chard $10 /kg